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A top-down battle royale where up to 4 gladiators compete for the crowd’s favor in an anything goes last-man-standing spectacle. You are gladiator. Brave the arena and win the crowd to seize godhood!


Conceived and prototyped by Parrish in 2 weeks in Spring 2015 in Beijing, China. Parrish founded the independent development studio Supertype shortly after to fully develop Arena Gods for commercial release. The game proceeded to garner numerous awards and accolades while still in development from 2015 to 2017. After 2 years of dedicated development Parrish left the company and project in 2017. His departure was due to irreconcilable differences with the company's stakeholders.


  • Fight armed or unarmed, strike or grapple, standing or on the ground.
  • Every object can be picked up, wielded as a weapon, and thrown as a projectile.
  • Most weapons kill in a single hit, but all can be disarmed.
  • Each weapon is unique with specific strengths and weaknesses.
  • The arena shifts and changes each round.
  • Skill and bravado will win the crowd's favor and grant advantage in combat.


ARENA GODS Pre-Alpha Gameplay February 2017 YouTube




Awards & Recognition

  • "Official Selection - The MIX @ SIGGRAPH" Los Angeles, USA 2015
  • "WINNER - Busan Indie Connect Festival Audience Award" Busan, Korea 2015
  • "FINALIST - IGF China" Shanghai, China 2015
  • "Official Selection - Day of the Devs" San Francisco, USA 2015
  • "Official Selection - The MIX @ GDC" San Francisco, USA 2016
  • "FINALIST - SXSW Gamer's Voice Multiplayer" Austin, USA 2016
  • "Nominee - BitSummit International Award" Kyoto, Japan 2016
  • "Official Selection - Games By The Sea" Brighton, UK 2016
  • "Official Selection - The MIX @ EVO" Las Vegas, USA 2016
  • "Official Selection - Bit Bash" Chicago, USA 2016
  • "Official Selection - IndieCade" Los Angeles, USA 2016
  • "Official Selection - Day fo the Devs" San Francisco, USA 2016
  • "WINNER - SXSW Gamer's Voice Multiplayer Award" Austin, USA 2017

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About Mark Parrish

I make video games and get punched in the face from time to time. Formerly, creator of Arena Gods and founder of Supertype. Currently, collecting bruises on the mat and working on something new to be announced.

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